Become an Octane Coffee Beta Tester Today!

Posted on: 
May 25, 2023

Hey Coffee Maniac,

We are not quite open to the public yet, BUT, if you would like to give the world’s fastest drive-through a try, we would love to include you in our list of test-subjects beta testers. Our open hours may be a little sporadic, but will eventually be 24/7. The app will tell you if we are open or not.

You can find us in your app store as ‘Octane Coffee.’

If we are open, the first 5 drinks are on us, one per day. If you order more than one drink, we make the most expensive one free.

Please download the latest version of the app, we make daily changes based on your feedback.

If you have any questions, feedback, or complaints, shoot us a text at 262-404-7215.


~ Team Octane